UB, an Indian national, came to Sultan Lloyd Solicitors for help with her application to join her father, LB, in the UK. He had been resident in the UK since 1995 due to his Portuguese nationality. UB had a young daughter and had suffered a marriage breakdown, so wished to come to the UK to be with her family, but her application had been refused. She had not been shown to meet the necessary requirements for immigration.

However, due to Sultan Lloyd Solicitors’ experience and expertise in this area of law, we were able to identify the key issue that would reverse the decision in UB’s favour: UB and her daughter should be entitled to follow LB here under European Law if she satisfied the relevant definition of “family member”. As UB was an adult it was necessary to show that she was dependent on LB.  Indeed, we were able to gather and present basic but crucial evidence of UB’s dependence. She lived in a house owned by LB, he regularly sent her money for bills, daily expenses and clothes and she had no other income.

Therefore, the Court of Appeal was satisfied that UB did have rights under the relevant European Law, and that she and her daughter should be allowed to come to the UK.

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