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Immigration Law comprises the rules and requirements governing the rights of foreign nationals wishing to enter the United Kingdom for any purpose.

People may wish to come to the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons such as: to visit, work, study or claim asylum. In order to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, you will be required to apply under the category applicable to your circumstances.

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There can be serious implications for those who enter and remain in the United Kingdom in breach of immigration laws. A person residing unlawfully can be detained, removed or even deported from the United Kingdom. This can lead to difficulties with any future applications to return. It is therefore important that you submit the correct application either before travelling or after your arrival in the United Kingdom.

Immigration laws and rules are wide ranging and complex. The Home Office often changes the requirements at very short notice. However, these difficulties can be overcome by obtaining legal representation. Your legal representative can advise on which application you should submit; prepare and submit an application on your behalf, ensuring all relevant documentation is included; advise and submit an appeal against a refusal; advise on the conditions attached to a grant of stay. In most cases, obtaining legal advice prior to submitting an application can prove both cost and time effective.


Tier System (Points Based System)

The Points Based System is a system used for managing migration for those migrants that wish to work or study in the UK.

Applicants wishing to work or study in the UK are required to obtain a certain number of points depending on the relevant Tier that applies to them. There are currently four Tiers that are in force, depending on the type of application that you wish to make such as for work, study or visiting the UK.


Business Immigration

A Sponsor is a UK based organisation that wishes to employ an overseas applicant in the UK. For the purposes of the Tier System, an overseas applicant is a national of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

In order to sponsor applicants, an employer will need to have registered with the UK Border Agency as a Licensed Sponsor. For this registration to be accepted, the employer will need to meet certain requirements for the particular category of Tier 2 and accept certain responsibilities to help with immigration control.


Indefinite Leave to Remain

Indefinite Leave to Remain / Settlement Applications in the UK
In order to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, you must qualify under one of the following routes.


FLR FP Application

At Sultan Lloyd, our immigration Solicitors will provide smart, compassionate, practical advice regarding making an FLR(FP) application either under family life as a partner (10-year route) or family life as a parent.


British Citizenship

If you have lived lawfully in the UK for a period of five years and have had Indefinite Leave to Remain for at least twelve months, it may be possible for you to apply for British citizenship.


EEA Nationals

Swiss nationals and EEA nationals have a right to live and work in the United Kingdom.

You have a right of residence in the United Kingdom if you are an EEA national and:


Family Visas

Marriage Visa Advice
Spouses of UK citizens or permanent residents (mainly those with indefinite leave to remain) may come to the UK under marriage visa category, and are able to work as soon as a visa is granted. You will need to meet the following marriage visa requirements:


Guide to Joining Family Settled in The UK

Can I join family permanently living in the UK? If you are not from the European Economic Area, or Switzerland, you will require a ‘family of a settled person’ visa if you want to join a partner or family member who’s living in the UK permanently for 6 months or more.


Visitor’s Visas

This category is for Visa nationals (i.e. people who require a visa) who want to visit the United Kingdom for a general visit.To come to the United Kingdom as a general visitor, individuals must be able to show that they:


Investor Visas

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(General) Sponsored Worker Visas

A Tier 2 (General) Visa allows migrants to work in the UK for up to six years.
Sultan Lloyd Solicitors advise both people wanting to come into the UK for employment purposes and employers wishing to sponsor skilled migrants to work for their organisation.


Temporary Worker Visas

If you wish to work in the UK on a temporary basis, then you will need to apply for a UK Tier 5 (Temporary Workers) Visa.


Exceptional Talent Visas

Sultan Lloyd Solicitors can assist you with applying for a Tier 1(Exceptional Talent) Visa and an application under the Exceptional Tech Talent Scheme.


Student Visas

UK Student Visa Lawyers Birmingham
Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews.


Entrepreneur Visas

Kindly note that this route has now been closed by the Home office as of 29 March 2019 and have been replaced with Innovator Visa & Start-Up Visa.


Innovator Visa and Start-up Visa

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa was closed to new applicants from 29 March 2019. The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa will be closed from 5 July 2019. These visa routes into the UK have been replaced by the Innovator Visa and the Start-up Visa.


Immigration Appeals

Having your application for Entry Clearance or Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK refused, can be disheartening. At Sultan Lloyd, our Immigration Solicitors will provide smart, compassionate, practical advice if you wish to appeal a UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) decision.

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