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Worries about money, property and children are common during a divorce or separation.

Our family lawyers in Birmingham help with all these issues and more, explaining your options in plain English. Sultan Lloyd offers a highly professional service dealing with family problems ranging from a basic application for contact by an estranged parent, to the highly complex financial disputes when a relationship breaks down.

We are committed to following the Family Law Protocol published by the Law Society which encourages a good flow of communication between the parties concerned, offering mediation where appropriate. Our highly experienced family law solicitors at Sultan Lloyd in Birmingham and the surrounding areas provide a full spectrum of family advice in areas including:

Family Law


The act of obtaining a divorce in the United Kingdom, from a legal standpoint, is quite straightforward, especially if both you and your partner have concluded that the marriage has run its course.

Family Law

Overseas Assets in Divorce

Getting divorced can be a very challenging time. Unfortunately, the divorce process can be further complicated where the assets to be divided up are held overseas.

Family Law

Immigration Issues in Separation and Divorce

If you have married a British Citizen or permanent resident and you had been together for less than 4 years before you applied for a marriage visa then you may have been granted a visa for a probationary period of 2 years.

Family Law

Our Expertise in Child Law

At Sultan Lloyd Solicitors, our family law team is recognised as one of the Midland’s leading law firms in the area of child law. The expert Solicitors in our team are trained in Mediation and are members of Resolution.

Family Law

Domestic Abuse

Unfortunately an individual may experience violence, abuse and/or harassment in their personal relationships which require legal intervention. The Home Office definition of domestic violence is:

Family Law

Parental Responsibility – The Essential Facts Fathers Need to Know

For some time, the Family Court in the UK has been considered ‘wife-friendly’ when it comes to handling divorces. So much so that in 2011, legal firms started whispering about the divorce ‘race’.

Family Law


Legal Advice For Couples Who Live Together. To make an appointment with one of our family law solicitors to talk about matters relating to cohabitees, please call our Birmingham office on 01212482850.

Family Law

Financial Settlements

Apart from care arrangements for children, nothing can rile up emotions and bitterness in divorce proceedings quite like the issue of money.

Family Law


UK Family Mediation Solicitors Birmingham
The majority of Family Solicitors will advise their clients that it is usually in their best interests to resolve their case outside of the Court system.

Family Law

Divorces for the Forces

Divorce can be a challenging and life changing process for anyone who goes through it but for some sections of society there can be added complications and this applies in particular to members of our Armed Forces.

Family Law

Family Law FAQs

How long does it take to get a divorce?
The quickest a divorce can be usually be finalised is 4 to 6 months. The timescale can depend on whether your spouse co-operates with the procedure. In all cases.

Family Law

Asian and Islamic Marriages – special considerations

There are a number of aspects to Asian and Islamic marriages which make them unique. It, therefore, follows that if your marriage breaks down.

Family Law

Fathers Rights

The law of father’s rights requires a specialist legal professional who is an expert in this particular area of family law. We are UK’s Top Family Solicitor firm with a highly trained team of Best Family Lawyers based in Birmingham, England.

Family Law

High Net Worth Financial Settlements

As one of the Midland’s leading family law specialists, the family law team at Sultan Lloyd have the commercial acumen and divorce law expertise to manage even the most complicated financial settlements.

Family Law

Prenuptial, Civil Partnership and Cohabitation Agreements

If you require advice on a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, please contact our Birmingham office on 01212482850 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will come back to you in complete confidence.

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