At Sultan Lloyd Solicitors, our family law team is recognised as one of the Midland’s leading law firms in the area of child law.  The expert Solicitors in our team are trained in Mediation and are members of Resolution, both of which have an ethos that promotes an amicable and cooperative resolution to family law matters, without involving the Courts.

Our primary objective in child arrangement matters is to help you and your partner work out a custody and access arrangement that ensures your children’s welfare and stability are maintained as much as possible.  By working with you and your partner, we will assist you in a sensitive manner to negotiate an arrangement that benefits everyone in your family.

How we can Help you with Child Arrangements

When a Court is considering any matters concerning the upbringing of a child, the child’s welfare is its paramount consideration.

Recognising that arrangements worked out amicably between the parents themselves are most likely to stick, thus providing stability for the children, the Courts will only get involved in sorting out child arrangements as a last resort.

If you cannot agree with your ex-partner on arrangements for your children, we will negotiate with them, and initiate and support you through the Mediation process so you can resolve the situation as peacefully as possible.

If litigation becomes inevitable, you can be assured that with over 30 years of combined experience, we will fight tooth and nail to ensure your best interests are represented and you receive the outcome you desire.

Child Maintenance Issues

When you separate from the other parent and the children are going to be spending most or all of their time living with you, then you are usually entitled to ask for child maintenance towards your children’s everyday living costs. You are encouraged to arrange this between you and your partner by making a ‘family-based arrangement’.  Nighat Sultana and her team can assist you with organising a family-based arrangement and calculating the amount that should be paid.

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