Human Rights and Asylum

Sultan Lloyd Solicitors have a formidable reputation in Asylum and Human Rights Law, conducting claims from initial application through to all stages of appeal. We take a dynamic and fresh approach to clients and their cases, assessing each individual’s circumstances to provide the best possible advice and representation.

Human Rights and Asylum claims often involve the most vulnerable members of society and success or failure may be the difference between life and death. This is the reason we expend a vast amount of time and effort in not only protecting the rights of individual clients but also in pushing the boundaries of the law to produce a wider benefit for all applicants in these categories. Working closely with leading country and medical experts, interpreters and the best trained barristers, we have a tireless commitment to fight for the rights of people who are in need.

We are recognised leaders in field of Human Rights and Asylum law and have unparalleled Court of Appeal experience. Our concluded cases include Bigia & Another (India), KH (Sudan), HR (Portugal), JB (India), ZB (Pakistan), RO (India), PM (Kenya), MA (Iran), HH (Iran), FJ (Iran) and IO (Somalia). Our ongoing cases include RN (India), OQ (India), KC (India), KH (Sudan), KM (Iraq), SA (Afghanistan), RP (India), MD (Jamaica) and MK (Iran).

We have also pursued cases to the European Court of Human Rights including Ahmed v UK [2008] ECHR 1289 and Country Guidance cases in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal including HH (Somalia), NM (Somalia), SY (Syria) and MD (Ivory Coast).

Preventing Removal from the UK

In cases where no appeal rights are given or there are urgent circumstances of removal from the United Kingdom, we have extensive experience in lodging and pursuing Judicial Review applications and emergency injunctions to prevent removal. Our ongoing Judicial Review cases include R (Sayed), R (Brown), R (Zeray), R Tareen), R (Hashmi) including emergency injunction, R (Rahmani) including emergency injunction, R (Jawad), R (Mahmood).

Our clients are assured of our best endeavour and excellence in the conduct of their claims for Judicial Review, on appeal, in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, in the Court of Appeal, in the House of Lords, in the European Court of Justice and in the European Court of Human Rights.

Human Rights

Asylum applications for adults

Asylum is protection given by a country to someone who is fleeing persecution in their own country. It is given under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. To be recognized as a refugee, you must have left your country and be unable to go back because you have a well-founded fear of persecution because of your race; religion; nationality; political opinion; or membership of a particular social group.

Human Rights

Asylum applications for children

The government has won a significant victory for its dealings with Afghan minors. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK, has ruled that children are in no better position to win asylum than anyone else. The court ruled that a failure to conduct family tracing in the past does not necessarily improve a person’s chances of winning asylum today. In a further win for the government, the court ruled it had been lawful to delay a right of asylum appeal to children with limited leave of less than one year.

Human Rights

Appeal rights

Refusal of an asylum application or Human Rights application may be appealed to an Immigration Judge sitting at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

If the Home Office refuse your application for asylum, but allow you to stay for humanitarian or other reasons, you may be able to appeal against the decision to refuse you asylum.

Human Rights

Further and fresh claims

Further representations may be made where you have had an initial asylum and/or human rights claim refused, or have withdrawn such a claim, and have exhausted all appeal rights in relation to that claim. If you have new or additional information which has come to light following the final decision on your previous claim, it is possible to make representations based on the new information to the Home Office and ask them to treat these fresh representations as a fresh claim for asylum.

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