TM, a citizen of Zimbabwe, came to Sultan Lloyd Solicitors in April 2009 having been refused asylum by the UK Home Office.  He had entered the UK as a student with a 15 month visa and claimed asylum on the basis that he feared persecution by the Zanu PF on return to Zimbabwe due to his opposing political opinion and activities.

Originally the Home Office had not found that TM had a sufficient political profile such as to be singled out by the Zanu PF, and therefore refused asylum.  When TM brought his case to Sultan Lloyd Solicitors, due to our specialist knowledge of the relevant law and the circumstances surrounding cases such as these, we were able to build a successful appeal against this refusal.  We identified and put forward various flaws in the Home Office’s argument and we highlighted evidence and important, previously unconsidered, factors supporting TM’s claim.

Our high level of commitment for excellence enabled us to demonstrate that TM would have been at real risk of persecution if he was forced to return to Zimbabwe, so he was consequently granted asylum in the UK.

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