TH came to Sultan Lloyd Solicitors in June 2009 needing our help with his asylum claim. He was from Iraq and had converted from Islam to Christianity, and therefore he feared persecution by Islamic extremists if he had to return to his home country. He had also been involved with the Millennium Company, a non-government organisation that had been attacked in Iraq.

His asylum claim had initially been refused because it was found that he could safely relocate to the KRG, a safe area for Christians in Iraq.

Sultan Lloyd Solicitors were able to successfully challenge this decision by applying our well-established skills in this area, and with great attention to detail we were able to demonstrate that actually there were various reasons that it would not be safe for TH to return that had not been considered previously.

For example, the fact that TH had converted to Christianity from Islam meant that even the KRG would not be safe for him. Also, given TH’s individual circumstances, it would have been extremely difficult for him to even get to the KRG.

Most significantly, Sultan Lloyd’s dedicated solicitors obtained conclusive evidence that even if TH did manage to get to the KRG it was almost certain that he would not be permitted to enter. A recent report confirmed that TH would not be able to enter the KRG without a sponsor, which he would not be able to find given his lack of links to the region, and that his origination from Kirkuk would present a further difficulty.

Since we succeeded in showing that TH would not be able to gain access to the KRG, his appeal for asylum was allowed.

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