In England and Wales, the National Office of Statistics (Marriages in England and Wales (Provisional) 2012 shows that 42% of all marriages end in a divorce, with the average marriage expected to last 32 years. The potential reasons behind the increased length of marriage could be due to individuals entering into marriage do so at an older age than previously and also many people cohabit prior to marriage which could potentially “weed out” the less committed relationships.

So if you have been married and do not particularly want to get Divorced are there any other legal alternatives?

When a breakdown in a relationship occurs and the parties wish to separate, the majority will consider the only way to separate is to obtain a Divorce. However this is not the ideal situation for many people for religious, family or other personal reasons. Some marriage’s breakdown due to the parties “growing apart” although they still care for each other and want the best for both each other and any children of the family.

The first options is to do nothing, upon the breakdown of a relationship it is not a requirement to do anything to “legally end” the relationship.  However there are many risks involved with this option, therefore having a consultation with a Specialist Family Lawyer would be best before making this decision so that you will be aware of any pitfalls.

The second option available is Judicial Separation this offers a way forward where the parties can legally separate and live apart but cannot remarry. This may suit you depending upon your circumstances. Judicial Separation may be favourable for religious reasons and financial reasons, for example,  if the parties are elderly so that they do  not lose pension benefits accrued by their spouse.

It is important prior to making a decision on whether to Divorce of Judicially Separate to consult with a Family Lawyer who will be able to guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each considering your personal circumstances.

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