A study has found that the number of divorce enquiries made in January is 27% higher than the average number seen in the UK throughout the rest of the year. Indeed, many media outlets call the first working day in January “D-day” due to the high number of divorce enquiries made.

Research conducted surveyed 2,000 spouses and found that one in five married people consider separating from their partner after spending time together during the festive period. Why is there such a spike in the number of divorces in January?

Festive Pressure Increases Likelihood of Divorces

Many couples delay obtaining a divorce over Christmas often for the sake of their children and loved ones. The media often show the idyllic family Christmas and many people do not wish to start their divorce during the festive period. Others hope that remaining together over such a period will reduce the chance of divorce and give them time to work on their relationship.

However, the stress of Christmas can often damage the relationship further.

If a couple has been experiencing difficulties in their relationship, then spending time with each other and their children for the first time in months can make them realise the extent of their problems. The pressure of having cousins, parents-in-law and friends visit or stay can also magnify relationship problems.

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