The book 50 Shades of Grey has taken the UK by storm and many individuals find themselves getting hot under the collar for opposing reasons, when discussing the book. Love it or hate it, millions of Women (and Men) have read and/or watched it, and some dream of meeting their own Mr Grey…

In the cold light of day, I consider what a relationship with Mr Grey could be like in reality.

Setting the scene (all Mr Grey’s may not be rich!)

You meet a man, he is charismatic and you find him attractive, you think no more of it, then he may turn up at your home, with flowers, you are incredibly flattered and overlook the fact that you never told him were you lived. He makes it his business to know your schedule, he must really care for you. You start a relationship with him, at first it’s fun, sometimes the things he does to you humiliate and hurt you, but you forgive him, after all you love him. Years go by (in the movie he changes as a result of love), in reality however, things don’t change, you may have children, his behaviour becomes worse, physical violence could also be involved, the relationship is very one-side governed by control.

In family law, the behaviour of a “Mr Grey” can be deemed as unreasonable behaviour, this is a basis to apply for a divorce.

Love the book or hate the book, this is a matter for you, but in reality do you really want a “Mr Grey” for you or your daughter?

For any individuals in a relationship with a “Mr Grey” we can help you and support you to break the cycle, whether it’s a Divorce/Dissolution and/or a requirement for a protective order, we can help you. This is a serious issue for you and it does not matter what section of society you are from, this type of abusive behaviour is not isolated to certain areas it can happen to anyone.

Having considered the issue of the reality of a relationship with a “Mr Grey” could affect our personal lives, it is also worth noting that, in respect to Criminal Law that no individual is able to consent to another individual inflicting grievous bodily harm upon them, there is a particularly grizzly case that sets this precedent.

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