EU citizens residing in the UK are worried. They are right to be so. The referendum result is an emotional upheaval. But politics is one thing and law another. At Sultan Lloyd we understand the fears making good people turn to law. Hard working families, couples and young people want our expert legal advice. We can give you this assurance: the Leave Vote has not changed your EU rights of residence. For the present, the UK has not left the EU.

Of course there is uncertainty over how your rights will change when the UK does leave the EU. But we have the experience to cope with each eventuality. For now, the reality is change will likely follow existing models, in particular, the Norway option. The outcome of the referendum has signalled a majority for leaving the EU, but not for leaving the single market. There is also the possibility for greater change within the EU itself.

According to our best estimates the Government is not intent on leaving the EU in the next two years, not before a new deal is finalised. To leave, firstly the UK must pull the trigger on Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the Lisbon Treaty, and only then may the two year countdown start. There is even speculation whether this step will be taken before a new deal is reached. One thing we can say with confidence is Sultan Lloyd continues to offer confidential advice and planning in the weeks and months ahead of a new deal to shape the UK’s future relations with Europe.